5 minute cardboard finger puppets

cardboard finger puppets

This morning we made these rad little finger puppets out of, wait for it, cardboard. We also used a sharpie and a new tool, a hole punch. I’ve been working late for the last couple of weeks so it was pretty cool to have a minute to get our hands on a cereal box and see what we could smash out.

Finger puppet in action

The other day while I was rocking through my feeds (don’t get me started on feeds, that’s a whole other story) , This awesome post caught my eye. mermag is a pretty rad blog, a crafty mum, tutorial maker, illustrator type who makes loads of cool stuff for her kids but also makes toys as part of her occupation as an illustrator. How good is that!? The finger puppets she made for mud puppy inspired me to see what we could quickly make for the boys to have a bit of fun with after breakfast.

The beauty of cardboard toys like these is that they take about 5 minutes to make, so there’s generally a pretty good return on investment, on the flip side however, they also take about 5 minutes to destroy.

Finger puppet with a broken arm

I really like the way these guys turned out so I think I’m going to put together a printable so that maybe you can make them too.  Stay tuned for that one. I’ll probably make the arms a little stronger to avoid any breaks like the above. Hopefully it will happen a bit quicker than the last printable I promised.

Anyway, have fun.