Little book of awesome

One of things I’m trying to put together for the lads is an alphabet book where each page has a letter and the we just print out a bunch of stuff from google images and stick them on to the pages with the correct letter. In the process of making it, I put together a little mock up so I could work out the paging.

Anyway… Thing One was in need of some “distraction” on Friday and the good lady wife gave him the mockup for some colouring and the two have since become inseparable. It’s become a little passport that he does his cutting (his mum or I do the cutting) and pasting, we’ve been cutting out cool pics from magazines and he sticks them in, which has been great fun. He puts his stickers in it, colours in, puts his swimming stamps in.

In short, this little paper book has become a real joy for him, a place for his treasures, he even sleeps with it.

Why not try it with your little ones.  Just grab a few sheets of A4 or loose-leaf paper, fold it, fold it again, cut the appropriate edges to make a book and staple. Presto, your own little book of awesome! I hope they like it as much as we do.